Our Process


little Big Bee believes in supporting fair trade and encouraging a safe and productive workplace both domestically and abroad. From the very beginning of production of a snuggly new product to the moment you wrap your little Bee in one of our beekeeper blankets, we are committed to providing the best product in methods that are sound and transparent. Creation of our blankets takes place in India, where they are woven on powerlooms, which our manufacturer provides and maintains for local small businesses at zero interest. When not being used for contract production, these small businesses are able to use these looms to manufacture fabric for private sale.

The conception of our beekeeper blankets is a multi-step process. Our carefully selected yarns are hand-dyed in Rawana Bijnore, with low impact, baby safe dyes (tested, AZO-free). These baby-ready yarns are then transferred to local boutique weaving production houses where weavers are hired and fairly paid on a contracted per piece basis. In these equitable environments, our blankets are crafted with love and care. Each piece is then transferred to a manufacturer-owned sewing and packaging facility in New Delhi, where little Big Bee products are finished and packaged by both salaried and contract employees. Our manufacturing and packaging partner employs individuals in accordance with local labor laws and pays a living wage, over 50% above the average government rate.

little Big Bee feels parents should be just as content about our products as their little Bees will feel snuggling with them!