Our Story


little Big Bee believes that babies want to feel secure. Whether being held, carried, worn, or swaddled, a secure baby is a happy baby.

little Big Bee was born of founder, Shiri's fascination with woven textiles.  It started with her discovery of woven wraps, their beautiful designs, soft feel, and most importantly how secure and content her babies felt when held in them.  When not being held or worn, Shiri often swaddled her babies to give them that same secure feeling. Shiri worked to design a swaddle that mimics the soft, secure hold of a woven wrap, and the breathable lightweight feel of a baby blanket, to keep baby secure and happy around the clock.

little Big Bee beekeeper blankets are soft, breathable, absorbent, and versatile! In addition to swaddles, they make fantastic blankets for floor play, towels, privacy throws, stroller blankets, burp cloths, and more!